CID arrests two women for defrauding Rs. 120 million from Sri Lankan in Norway

Two women have been arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for forging bank documents and defrauding Rs. 120 million from a Sri Lankan living in Norway. 

The suspects, who are sisters aged 30 and 34 years, have been arrested in Jaffna by the CID, police said.

They had allegedly defrauded the Sri Lankan by forging bank documents and using 23 bank accounts.

It has been uncovered during the investigations that the two women have defrauded the money from the concerned person through 23 bank accounts from time to time between January and June 2021, by claiming that the necessary activities were to be carried out for the legal release of gold and money they had deposited in their father’s name, who was a businessman.

The arrest has been carried out in line with the investigations conducted regarding a complaint made to the Financial Crimes Investigation Department by the concerned individual.

The two suspects have been ordered to be remanded in custody until December 01, after they were produced before the Jaffna Magistrate’s Court on November 18, following their arrest.


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